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Conditions for retailers

Our conditions are aimed to commercial retailers (fabric-stores, owners of online shops and shops on DaWanda and Etsy) and to businesses processing our fabrics such as tailors and dressmakers.

As a basis for granting the conditons please:

- register as a retailer in our online-shop

- email a scan of your business-legitimation to  subject: business-registration

- let us know more about your business such as links to your shops, fabric-stores, etc.

After registration you will receive a confirmation-e-mail with the data you entered. That does not mean, that your account is already approved. After checking the information provided (usually 1-3 working days) you will receive an additional mail confirming the new conditions.


- We reserve the right to change the granted conditions due to the business-performance.

- The misuse of our conditions will oblige us to block your account without further notice. Running orders will not be executed

- We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel conditions if your business has no relation to textil-branch, your inforamtion is not complete or your business practice does not comply to ours.