Everybody loves BICYCLES!

Stoffonkel GmbH
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Everybody loves BICYCLES! - Everybody loves BICYCLES!

Everybody loves BICYCLES!

Cycling is more popular than ever. Young and old love to pedal, whether on an e-bike, a road bike or a nostalgic bike. For all lovers of these enchanting old bikes, we have a special motif in our range: BICYCLES.

The colorful Dutch bicycles with a basket full of flowers on the handlebars are a beautiful fabric design for the summer. In addition to the harmonious colours Staubgrün, Holunder and Zartgelb, you will find many matching combination fabrics in the Stoffonkel range. For example, in Staubgrün there are our Muslin Double Gaze, the Ribs, the Selanik Delight and Summer Knit and many Organic Jacquards.

Get the colorful BICYCLES on your fabric shelf now. We deliver from as little as 1 bale and can make fabrics that are in stock ready for shipment within a few days. This way you can replenish your assortment flexibly and without risk.