GOTS Certification


Stoffonkel organic fabrics are certified according to the GOTS standard (CU1066061).

From our point of view, GOTS is one of the most restrictive standards, as not only the end product has to withstand the criteria, but the entire supply chain is subject to certification. In addition, it is relevant whether social standards are adhered to during production.

We have our certified upstream suppliers prove that the entire production chain is certified according to GOTS. This gives us proof that

  • the cottonseed is not genetically modified (which is the standard for conventional cotton). As a result, cotton farmers are not forced into financial dependence to buy expensive licensed seeds.
  • the fields are sustainably managed organically (organic farming)
  • the spinning mill, knitting, dyeing and printing plant handles chemicals very carefully, i.e. only uses substances that are approved by GOTS. This refers in particular to paints and finishes that are applied to refine the fabrics, especially important for substances that may later have skin contact.
  • Attention is paid to waste prevention and sustainable water consumption in all production steps. In particular, that no wastewater is discharged anywhere or that no questionable substances such as PVC are used.
  • the health and safety of the personnel of all the companies involved is ensured and all possible measures for accident protection have been taken.
  • all persons involved in any stage of the production chain are covered by social security. That fair wages are paid, that appropriate working hours are agreed and adhered to.

This is a rough overview of what is written on many pages of GOTS documentation. In an audit, it is checked annually that we work according to these guidelines.

If you want to know more, here is the link to the GOTS organization: GOTS Global Standard