Image rights

The protection of copyright is very important to us. 

Image rights registered commercial customers and resellers may use article images of the fabrics (which are the property of Stoffonkel GmbH) from the website for their commercial online shops or sales platforms, such as Etsy or Ebay. This refers to the pictures 1-5 of the respective articles.

We expressly ask for respect for the rights of others! Pictures from the Stoffonkel sample sewing team are therefore excluded from this regulation! These may NOT be used without the permission of the respective sample seamstress. For permission to use, please contact the sample seamers personally.

It is not permitted to use photos used in our articel descriptions outside of publicly accessible online shops or platforms (as described above). In particular, it is not allowed to post our photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Upon request, we can grant permission as a case-by-case decision. 

In the event of infringements, we are unfortunately forced to take legal action against them.