Customized knitted fabrics

Stoffonkel Bio-Baumwollzweig
Values and visions
Stoffonkel GOTS


  • careful processing of long-fiber cotton varieties minimizes knots in the yarn.
  • dyeing is done with reactive dyes, which bond firmly with the fibers and do not bleed.
  • post-processing: the fabrics are pre-shrunk, so they do not shrink significantly anymore.
Stoffonkel GOTS


  • ecologically grown cotton
  • no harmful substances
    • during dyeing
    • during finishing
    • in the production process
  • minimization of waste
  • controlled water and energy consumption
Stoffonkel GOTS


  • fair payment at all stages of the supply chain
  • controlled occupational health and safety
  • social standards in all companies involved in the production
Stoffonkel GOTS


Processing stations of the fabrics: spinning, dyeing, knitting, finishing, doubling. These stations are located directly along the route from the cultivation fields to us in Stahnsdorf, so no unnecessary detours are needed during transport.

Types of fabrics

We can produce all types of fine knits. These include, for example, single jersey, Romanit, interlock, French terry, knit velour, jacquard with structural patterns, jacquard with color patterns, and more. There is a wide variety of yarns available, from which individual fabric compositions can be constructed and specific weight classes achieved. The fabrics can be brushed and/or fleeced on one or both sides.

Stoffonkel Streifen

Yarn dyed

With previously dyed yarns, fabrics with color patterns can be produced. The shades can be individually determined and do not have to be selected from a fixed catalog. Yarn-dyed fabrics include, for example, striped fabrics, melange fabrics, or jacquard fabrics.

Stoffonkel Uni

Plain dyed

  • all solid fabrics
  • individual colours
Stoffonkel Motivstoffe

Printed fabrics

All fabrics with 'reasonably' smooth surfaces can be printed, for example, jersey or French terry. But we can also print more complex fabrics like velvet.

Printing is done with reactive dyes.

Minimum quantity

From about 100 meters, we can accommodate individual color preferences for solid fabrics of various qualities (jersey, sweat, corduroy, and much more). From 200 meters, we can print custom designs on various fabric qualities for you. Additionally, we can implement individual patterns on jacquard knitters. The minimum quantity is determined by the respective fabric quality (weight/width).

Stoffonkel Mindestmengen
Added value


Do you have limited space? No problem, we have the capacity to store your fabrics with us, so that your fabrics are kept in a protected environment until you need them. Of course, you can flexibly retrieve partial quantities.


Do you want your fabric to be delivered directly to a manufacturing facility? No problem, we have everything necessary to package the fabrics - whether it's in boxes, on pallets, or as rolls. We have experience with various shipping providers, freight companies, and especially with customs clearance matters, if necessary.

Wrapped or rolled

With our on-site machines, we have all the capabilities that characterize a modern textile operation. We can both double your fabrics to the desired length (i.e., wrap them around a cardboard tube and cut) and provide rolls in the desired length. At the same time, a goods inspection takes place, meaning we can identify any potential fabric defects here.


Upon request, we also cut fabric rolls to a desired width - exactly as your production requires.

Our philosophy

When we talk about sustainability, we don't mean an undefined 'organic,' but rather certification according to GOTS, which regulates and controls all ecological and social criteria along the entire production chain - from the cotton field to us. GMO-free and pesticide-free. Fair wages, labor, and health protection. Furthermore, we have chosen not to use any animal products.

Quality and sustainability are not opposites for us. Our fabrics are characterized by durability and colorfastness. No fast fashion, no throwaway consumption! It fills us with pride when we hear that garments made from our fabrics are not discarded but passed on. There is no greater compliment.

Our fabrics are designed for durability. They still look good even after many washes. After printing, dyeing, or knitting, we carry out an elaborate post-treatment so that both the feel and the appearance are of very high quality and, above all, remain so. We place particular emphasis on processing the fabrics so that they do not shrink significantly anymore. The perfect basis for satisfied customers.


You are...

  • A retailer of fabric by the meter in a stationary fabric store or online, looking for individual fabrics that your competitors do not offer?
  • A manufacturer of clothing on a small or medium scale, wishing for fabrics that are ideal for your purposes?
  • A designer seeking a reliable partner for your individual collection?
  • A creative mind with a special business idea and specific requirements for the fabric?

Then we are happy to assist you with our experience and quality standards!