Here we explain whats allowed if you use fabrics from us commercially.


Owner of the designs printed on our fabrics are the designer. This refers to parts of the designs (e.g. characters) also.

Buyers of the fabrics are alowed to resell facbris or to sell products made from it.

It is allowed to publish prictures taken from the fabrics or the goods made from.

Most of the pictures shown in the onlineshop www. are property of Stoffonkel GmbH. Exemptions are marked. We allow resellers of fabrics to use this pictures for their Online-Shops. If fotos are marked as property from sombody else, these persons need to be asked for permission directly.

It is allowed, to share facebook content on


If you like to use parts of the fabric designs for other purposes like plotter files, appications or embroidery files you are free to do this for private purposes. If you do this commerially you have to clarify this with the designer directly - who is the owner of the design. Stoffonkel can help to get the contact.

It is not allowed, to reuse pictures from our online-shop for facebook posts. Exemption: we allow sharing as described above.

For all other topics we refert to common copyright rules.